The Globe and Mail published a survey indicating that two thirds of Doctors say their primary means of communication with other Doctors is by Fax:


Our experience in the senior living and long term care pharmacy sector is that the numbers are similar here – if not worse. How is it that so many years after the advent of digital communication, we’re still using the outdated fax machine to communicate? Problems according to the article abound:

When you send a fax, it can lie around in the machine, which is a privacy issue; fax machines run out of paper, and don’t have much memory. To receive information, it has to be fed manually into a machine.

It’s time for healthcare and especially senior living to have the tools to thrive and use modern technology to look after our residents most successfully.

We owe it to ourselves to use state-of-the-art communication tools if we want to keep patients safe – if we want to avoid having them fall through the cracks.

InTouchRx was founded to focus on this exact mission. We’ve seen a paradigm shift in the pharmacies we work with as they move from analog to digital, as they move from siloed information to shared information and as they move from opacity to transparency. It’s exciting times in the world of healthcare technology!