InTouchRX is the only platform of its kind and is designed to be a one-stop portal for pharmacies to communicate with senior living communities across North America

Risk Management

An easy  to use risk management platform ensures all incidents are logged quickly and accurately with instant notification of necessary staff.

Pharmacy Resources Portal

Share all your pharmacy resources and policies and procedures with appropriate departments within each community.

Staff Education

A powerful learning management system provides easy training for all community staff ensuring compliance with all regulations and requirements.

Community Preferences

One central location to manage all community profiles and preferences. Multi-level access ensures transparency with the community staff.

Prescription Submission

Communities can send prescriptions to your pharmacists via a tablet or phone camera or as a scanned file from any computer.

Realtime Stats

View all risk management and audit statistics in real time. Compare communities and pharmacies with instant dashboards.

Risk Management Forms

Risk Management


Incident Reporting

ISMP compliant data collection

Incident reporting by community, call center or pharmacist

Conditional logic – eg anti-coagulant errors = high priority


Resolution Management

Dashboards – separate pharmacy and community access

Priority lists

Assignment rules

Aging report of outstanding incidents



Urgency notifications with multiple pathways and flags

Site comparisons

Compare pharmacy or community errors amongst different sites via easy to read dashboards

Policies & Procedures


Layered Delivery

Deliver appropriate content to different communities and teams within senior living. Seperate views by region, corporation or just different departments.

Policy Management

Centralise management of all your policy and procedures and make them available 24×7 to all your clients.

Easy Uploads & Edits

Quickly upload new policies or make changes to exisiting documents with our super-easy document management tools.

Always up-to-date

Keeping your policies and procedures centralised means your clients are alway accessing the most up to date versions of your documents. Instant changes allow quick corrections or updates for all your clients.
Policies And Procedures
Client Profile And Preferences

Community Preferences



Online forms for community and managing of their preferences (e.g. type of packaging, cart details)

Central location for access to pharmacy forms, documents, posters etc.

To-do list management (e.g. order fax machine, assign pharmacy contact)



Tracking of implementation steps (eg cart delivery dates, fax machine status)

Real-time updates

Provision for community to access real-time updates on onboarding process, key dates, etc


Surveys to be stored online with details of findings/resolution for any issue

Portal for pharmacy resources


Contact Information

Keep all contact information for different departments centrally

Policies & Procedures

Keep all policies and procedures up to date on one unified platform – with appropriate departmental access

Online forms

Pharmacy Reorder
Medication Returns
Diabetic Supplies


Emergency disaster and other plans can be accessed at the click of a button
Contact The Pharmacy
Online Learning Systems

Education for Community Staff


Online Learning

Central platform to train all community staff – wherever they may be. Absent attendance at in-services becomes a problem of the past.


A centralised dashboard provides quick reporting of staff compliance levels and mandatory education completions.

Standardised & Scalable education

A scalable online learning platform allows delivery of education across the country and compliance with federal, state or provincial requirements.

Blended learning

Communities can offer staff multiple training options and combine in-person training for those able to make it with online training for those with other commitments – all in one easy-to-use platform.

Customer Satisfaction


Client Reviews

Executive Reviews/Local Business Review (local, regional and nationalaccount status review):

Online/print delivery

Customer review enabled


Satisfaction Surveys

Monthly email surveys with full accountability and tracking to find gaps in service, issues and opportunities


Audits with online availability (increase staff accountability and identify potential training needs)


Survey export to CSV

Surveys to be used for account monitoring, customer satisfaction

Email and survey mapping and tracking

Survey Kiosk Tablet
Medication Incident On Phone

Mobile Compatibility

InTouchRX is accessible from any device on any platform. Manage all risk management from any medication cart or data entry point.



Who trains our clients?

InTouchRx will work directly with your clients to ensure they can use the pharmacy portal most effectively. We will train all their staff and make sure they have the tools they need to start using the tools.

Can users login directly from our pharmacy website?

Absolutely. We will provide you with a convenient login button to give users access to your portal directly from your website.

How quickly can we be up and running?

InTouchRx will work with you to meet any deadlines you may have and your clients can typically be trained within a few weeks of you joining the InTouchRx family.

Is InTouchRx limited to specific devices?

InTouchRx works on any device and from anywhere. All users have to do is login from the web and they will have access to all their information.

Does the pharmacy have to support our clients?

Absolutely not. InTouchRx takes care of ALL the support for you. We recognize that your focus can’t be taken away from providing services to your communities and we will provide our premium white glove service to all your clients.

Can we customise the portal?

Definitely. We will work with you to ensure all your forms, policies and contact details are uplaoded into InTouchRx. We also have a team of engineers that can implement  customizations specific to your pharmacy.

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