Incident Management and Reporting Software Solutions

Client and pharmacy data centralisations, transparency, analytics, education and satisfaction tools
Pharamcy Portal Screens

Pharmacy Forms

Provide central access to all forms, incident reports and audit processes

Pharmacy Resources

Manage all your pharmacy policies and procedures while controlling access and distribution

How It Works

Pharmacists and Community Staff each have access to the portal and the tools they need to work most efficiently
Pharmcy1 Dashboard


Give your clients an e-learning platform that meets all their compliance needs while also allowing you to efficiently train your clients on medication best practices.


View Risk Management anlaytics and form submissions at a glance – across multiple clients and sites

Community Information

Manage all your pharmacy policies and procedures while controlling access and distribution


InTouchRX is easy to use, intuitive and powerful

Super Performance

Available to all community staff and to your pharmacists.

24/7 Uptime

InTouchRX is available to all users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work whenever you do!

Realtime Stats

Monitor incident reports in real-time. All data entry is done live and is transmitted instantly to your pharmacies.

Flexible To Use

Accesible from any device, appropriate staff can add new data on the fly in just seconds. Your supervisors can monitor all reports from the road or from their desk.

Intuitive UI

We recognize that your staff want something beatiful and easy to use that they can start working on with limited training.

Best Experience

InTouchRX is the leading client engagement and transparency tool in the senior living pharmacy space.
Medication Incident On Mobile
Medication Incident On Mobile

On the Go Control

Manage your dashboard and monitor your incidents from ANYWHERE

with mobile, tablet and desktop accessibility!

Simple & User Friendly

Built specifically for the senior living environment, InTouchRX is designed to give staff extra time to do the things they really were hired for – helping residents!
Pharmacy Portal App

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